Permanent Makeup


Permanent Make Up

Look and feel beautiful 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Permanent makeup makes it possible to enhance your beauty and look better around the clock. It eliminates the morning drudgery of applying makeup. When you look better, you feel better. Also you’ll have more time to spend on other areas of your life, like more time with the family or leisure activities perhaps.


No more being locked to a mirror trying to like your lips.

No more being bogged down by battling your eyebrows.

No more being late due to the tedious task of applying eyeliner.

My commitment as a specialist is to provide every client with the safest, easiest, and most artistic application of permanent makeup, customised to give them the most natural, enhanced beauty results. Stunning and Beautifully Permanent!

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Getting an eyebrow tattoo, or permanent eyebrows, can now be done as a painless procedure which will give you the perfect eyebrows you want… day after day, night after night.

But that’s only if you have them done by a skilled and experienced permanent makeup artist.

Perfect eyebrows bring character to everyone’s face and frame it giving expression, warmth and depth. They play an important role in facial expression showing your emotion and age.

Beautiful results can be achieved with using a hair stroke technique to add fullness and definition without compromising a natural look.

If you want the perfect permanent eyebrows to match the natural contours of your face, VISONA Permanent Makeup is the perfect match for you. Stop losing time. Gain the comfort and confidence which comes with having great looking, hassle-free eyebrows.


Permanent eyeliner helps to define and enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. It makes your life easier in multiple ways, such as:
• Saves you time 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
• Eliminates the stress of getting it right and getting it to stay.
• Spares your eyes from irritation.
• Gives you added confidence in your appearance.
• Helps you to look more vibrant and youthful.
• Fights for you in your anti-aging skincare efforts.

Having any visual impairment can make the application of eyeliner very difficult. Individuals who suffer from a variety of physical disabilities can find it especially difficult.

Permanent makeup is the perfect solution for anybody to have perfectly applied eyeliner that will never let you down with smudges, smears and uneven applications.


You’ll love the mirror once you have permanent lip makeup. And the mirror will love you back.

Some of the most beautiful, best known women in the world are known for their great-looking lips. And you can be, too. Think about Christina Aguilera, Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, and Kim Kardashian. Now think about you and how you could feel like a star in your own life with beautified but natural-looking lips. Now hold onto that thought for a minute because here’s the amazing thing:

Semi permanent lips procedure are becoming more popular every day. Perfect for all ages, women and men. Permanent lip makeup (also known as permanent lipstick or permanent lip color) is your perfect solution for:

• Asymmetrical shaped lips
• No shape to your mouth
• No bow above your lip
• Lips which are too thick or too thin for your liking
• Lipstick “bleeding” into the fine lines around your mouth
• Uneven vermillion borders

It is recommended that anyone who has suffered with cold sores (even as a child) should get a prescription from their GP for Zovirax tablets (or any anti-viral tablet) to help prevent an outbreak. These should be taken 5 days before this treatment is performed.


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