First time waxing

For those who are going to try Waxing for the first time it is worth considering some points.

1. Hair length. After shaving the hair is quite strong, so for the first time the ideal length will be 5-7 mm. Better longer than shorter.

2. Pain. It does hurt however, the most delicate and sensitive areas are underarms and bikini area. Over time, if you do not return to shaving the amount and density of your hair is reduced, leaving it less painful.  A proven fact is that Waxing procedure is less painful after the menstrual cycle than before.

3. Client Modesty. We deal with waxing on a daily basis so therefor perceives it as just a job and nothing else.
As it is your first time, we will do a consultation with you and if you feel anyway embarrassed we will make sure that you are comfortable at all times. Remember your therapist will be highly experienced and will have your treatment done quick.

4. Recommendations before and after. Before the procedure, do not use body lotion and deodorant (if you are doing underarms). Preferably the day before your waxing treatment make a light exfoliation that lift the hair and improve the quality of work.

After procedure. No hot shower/bath, for 24 hours. For a time, the follicles remain open, and cosmetic products with fragrances and dyes can cause irritation. It you want? I think no.

Also in the next 12 hours is not recommended to use the sauna, solarium and gym.

Do not forget to exfoliate and moisturize your skin in between depilation. Be healthy and beautiful!

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